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Company Information

Meet Norma Sullivan

Norma is happiest when she has many irons in the fire. She is focused on planning and future projects and insisting on providing quality work and creating a lasting Brand. She brings many years of hard work values and has held many long-lasting Managerial positions in her past. She insists on quality professionalism, ingenuity, integrity and accountability in her employees. She has completely learned the HVAC business model, from the ground up, working for a established successful firm in California and brings that with her to her own Company.

Meet Mark Stevens

Mark is a qualified professional and detail oriented, preferring to spend time to ensure that any issue is fixed the first time instead of a quick Band-Aid repair and thus reduces callbacks. He is insightful with working with employees and finding solutions to problems. He has spend his entire life working with his hands and is considered by his peers as expert and tenacious. Mark is Alumni at El Paso Community College for Heating Venting and Air Conditioning / Major and Management / Minor. Mark was awarded the Deans List and Presidents Honor Roll during this time. He our Qualifying Party in the Company and in addition he is EPA Universal Certified, HVAC Excellence Certified in Electrical and AC Technology and Commercial Air Conditioning. He is also NCI Certified for Commercial Air Balancing. He also is a Microsoft Certified Professional. He bring years of working field experience in the Heating, Venting and Air Conditioning Field to his Company and insists on the building blocks of quality, value and integrity for the Brand.

We are very family oriented Company and focus on our people and our community first.

We are licensed with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, C-39 and so legally enabling us to perform all service, repair and new construction services to include Mechanical Contracting and permitted to do installation, alteration, and repair of refrigeration and evaporative cooling systems. Installation, alteration, and repair of heating systems of "wet", "dry" or radiant type. "Wet" systems include steam or hot water boilers and coils, or baseboard convectors, and are limited to 30 PSIG operating pressure of 220° F for hot water and 15 PSIG operating pressure for steam. Dry systems include gas fired furnaces and space heaters. Installation, alteration, and repair of ventilation systems includes duct work, air filtering devices, water treatment devices, pneumatic or electrical controls, and control piping. Thermal and acoustical insulation of refrigerant pipes and ductwork, vibration isolation materials and devices, liquid fuel piping and tanks, water and gas piping from service connection to the equipment it serves. Testing and balancing of refrigerant, cooling, heating circuits, and air handling systems. If necessary, a new circuit may be added to the existing service panel or sub-panel. Excluded is the installation of a new service panel or sub-panel.

 We are bonded with the State of Arizona and Insured for your protection.

ROC license number: ROC 294373


Our Values

We know nothing in life is free but that don't mean it has to be so expensive that we cannot afford to have the basic necessities of life, so we seek to have a successful and profitable business that succeeds by extending a clear and solid financial value to our customers and gain their trust and loyalty in the days to come.

Customer Service

Our technicians and office staff are of the highest caliber with training for clear and concise communication and enhanced customer service skills.

Winning Team

Our Company remains vigorous to establish the lowest possible price  in parts with our venders, passing that cost  savings on to our clients.

Continuing Training

Our Company does go the extra mile to encourage our people to continue to participate in specialized training  to be up to date with the most current of technologies in our Field,


Our Staff and Technicians are on call twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. We know trouble with your system does not keep a schedule and we make every effort to be of service in your need,

Our Commitment

Our Company strives to coordinate together, working to establish a set and excellent standard of conduct and provide a value based service for the community at large.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge per hour Labor?
We use mostly a flat rate pricing and the Technician labor base rate which is automatically factored in is very reasonable. If we had to calculate it for a specialized job that had to be itemized and labor intensive, the labor rate value alone would probably be less compared to some of our local competitors 
What is Flat Rate Pricing?
Flat rate is much like a National average for HVAC  or Refrigeration parts and labor per specific tasks, much like the book used for instance for your car repairs at a dealership. Also this way you don't have to worry about the amount of time it takes and we can just focus on the repair at hand. We use Cool Front software.
What is Up Front Pricing?
We arrive on the call and we inspect and troubleshoot the issue and we report back the cost of the repair before any work is done on the unit,  if it requires specialized enhanced troubleshooting like a more extensive breakdown of the unit or a electronic leak detection then of course additional fees would apply before the repair itself. but that cost would be communicated before any further diagnostics or repairs.
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