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Frequently Asked Questions

What temperature should thermostat be set?
To ensure maximized savings and optimal equipment operation it is suggested that you should set your thermostatic control when in the cooling season to 75 to 80 degrees and also  when you are in the heating season to 68 to 72 degrees which is the highest and  the lowest comfortable setting.
How long should a new HVAC  system last?
If you have a qualified technician to go and to actually perform regular preventative maintenance and service suggested for your unit, industry averages suggest that an air conditioner should last 12-15 years (sea coast applications may be less) and a gas furnace should last as many as 20-25 years.
How long do you Warranty your work for?
In the unlikely event of new equipment failure we honor our limited warranty and we will at no cost to you repair or replace the unit as long as Manufacturer warranty is complied with and the Manufacturer can pay for parts needed for the repair and we honor the labor involved for up to one year. However this does not imply if the Manufacturer does not honor the warranty or provide parts that we would at any time assume responsibility the cost for the parts needed under warranty as a involuntary or implied agent of the Manufacturer.
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