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Air Balancing:
A heating and cooling system that is turning on and operating does not mean it’s working at peak efficiency.

We know that the average forced air system will operate at 30% to 50% below its designed airflow. The purpose of an HVAC system is to deliver comfort to building occupants. Your HVAC equipment relies on many aspects working together efficiently to maximize your comfort with minimum energy cost. The optimal effectiveness of the HVAC system is critically dependent on establishing and providing the correct airflow.

When a successful air balance is achieved, meeting the National Standards and NCI specifications or plus or minus 10% and we may at times discover that comfort may still be absent from the system, that is when an NCI professional can help discover solutions or when required direct them to others that can solve the problem. So actually the HVAC contractors who you see diagnosing a system and do not check the system’s airflow are actually only looking at part of the system.

Test, adjust and balancing simply is the act of diagnosing and adjusting design airflow of HVAC system to operate correctly as designed. This includes a number of specialized tests and expensive equipment that can accurately determine the performance of your air conditioning and heating system.

NCI Certified Professionals are different than your average HVAC technicians. Most of your HVAC companies are in business to just quick fix or “big sales” aimed at replacing heating and cooling equipment. As certified Air Balancing professional we are qualified and able to test and diagnose the entire HVAC system and if necessary implement competent repairs on your equipment or ductwork as needed.

Here at 4 Arizona Air Control, LLC we have the specialized tools required to measure the amount of your systems airflow pressure, temperature and humidity at each supply and return grilles or exhaust inlets or outside air requirements or fire damper operations. We can then increase or decrease airflow into specific rooms to improve occupant comfort and correct air balance. We compile out findings and results of all these tests into an easy to understand and high standard professional report with our wet seal of Certification.

We can then determine if the system is operating at maximum system performance and as designed. The end result is having rooms that can achieve a target consistent temperature with cleaner air, optimal humidity control and some real energy savings.

As you can imagine the contractor with the right tools and training can improve the performance and reliability of virtually any system.

NCI Certified Contractors are HVAC industry professionals that have trained under National Comfort Institute in Air Balancing & HVAC System Diagnostics or Carbon Monoxide & Combustion Analysis. National Comfort Institute is one of the leading suppliers of home comfort training. Through their time tested procedures they guide HVAC contractors to diagnose and repair your home or office comfort problems.

NCI certified contractors have attended classes, are trained to use specialized equipment, and are constantly up-to-date on the latest diagnostic and repair techniques in these fields. An NCI certified technician has passed a recognized testing process which validates his or her understanding of the technology and procedures used in this field. In addition, NCI monitors their certified contractors and requires re-certification every two years.  

Free Estimate Definition:
We do provide free estimates when you choose to use our Company for the actual installation or service. 
To be clear, a free estimate is not a catchall term for a Service Call and Diagnostic
To meet our requirements where we actually provide a “free” estimate you would have to already know your problem and what you want done not combine a diagnosis and service call with a free estimate. 
Service Call and Diagnosis rate is a flat fee of $89.95 which we charge on every service call where we are required to do diagnosis in order to do an estimate for the work required. 
If you do choose our company to do the work recommended in the estimate this service call or diagnostic fee can easily be waived turning that into a free estimate as well.


Scheduling and or Dispatch

Upon dispatch or if the service call is assigned earlier we make every effort to be early or on time as traffic or work scheduling factors can delay our arrival. 

Initial Arrival for Service Call

If we are delayed we will make every effort to communicate the delay and upon arrival we will meet the contact and begin the initial diagnostics and system inspection,

Initial inspection and Diagnostics

As soon as we are able to gain access to the site and equipment we begin our inspection and or diagnostics we will try to have a report within 30 minutes or so for your up front pricing repair quote.

Clear Communication and Pricing

Upon finding out what the problem is and the solution we will again meet the contact and then explain the problem the repair and upfront flat rate pricing on the repair with parts and labor combined,

Prompt Professional Repair

We then will either have to get parts or sometimes have some on hand, and immediately begin work and complete the repair or the service and thoroughly test the system to ensure the issue is fixed.

Prompt Payment on Site

We must insist on prompt payment on site for services rendered at the time of the service call. We do not extend any credit for services in the field. Only the Office can establish a credit account.



In addition to our standard diagnostics and repairs, we also can help you plan for installations of new or replacement retrofit equipment for your property. We can do site surveys and specialized tasks to include heat load calculations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you work with Property Managers?
We know first hand how often the Property Managers have to do all of those multitasking miracles, the tasking job of coordinating of  all the Properties HVAC Repairs or the scheduling and for arranging  for the complete access of the site  and balancing all the wants and needs of renters.
How much to you talk to the Tenants?
We at Arizona Air Control, LLC completely do understand how delicate sometimes issues with tenants can complicate things with Property Management and our staff keeps communications of the repairs to a strict only need to know basis, with our Technicians prompt reporting to Property Management to relay things for the renters and ensure no confidential  paperwork is left with the tenants. Life and Safety is paramount.
Can you work with my own schedule?
Of course you have a busy schedule as well and we make every effort to meet or exceed your expeditions with our coordinating  with you or your staff for access to your own property for any service. However if service access has to be after hours this will  of course incur after hour rates.
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