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Here at Arizona Air Control we approach every job with tenacity and determination to get the job done right the first time. However we do at times find we are at the point that the equipment is simply beyond reasonable repair due to extreme age or catastrophic damages. we would at this point recommend replacement of the unit with a new unit with adequate warranty.

We do make a point at the time of repair if is a older unit the unit is old and is nearing the replacement threshold. We cannot be responsible for the continued repair of old equipment beyond the exact part and labor we perform on the system.

We seek to establish a long term relationship and do advise in our own professional opinion, whether a unit is beyond help and we don't want to part and labor you beyond the cost of a new unit trying to keep a old one running.


A preventative maintenance program can seriously pay off in the long run because if you are properly maintaining your HVAC units, it can save you serious money on your energy bills and keep your system performing at optimal efficiency. Even more important is the fact that if maintained correctly it will also lasts longer saving you the expense of replacement. Changing the filters and cleaning the condenser and evaporator coils can extend the life of your compressor and mechanical failures due to restrictions of air flow keeping your unit running smoothly and efficiently.

A preventive maintenance service can also find early any problems that can now be corrected before a serious problem develops during the worst possible time like a extreme heat or cold when you need the unit the most.


In the event you are in dire need of service we too take this very seriously and act with all haste and professionalism needed to swiftly diagnosis the problem and implement a prompt repair or replacement of the equipment.

Our Office and Dispatch personal will prioritize your scheduling with respect to the serious degree of the emergency status. We will try to match up the best and closest technician to your location advising them of the emergency status.

Some emergencies will have to have a elevated emergency or after hour rate depending on the circumstances...


There comes that time when the best of equipment has run it course and needs replacement, this is the area where 4 Arizona Air Control excels. Let us coordinate with your on your unit replacement or retrofit equipment or even the installation of your new ductwork system. We are able to provide heat load calculations where they are required and ensure the power requirements are correct for this replacement.

We deal in several name brand of name brand venders,  we can repair, sell and install Trane, Carrier, York, Mammoth, Lennox and Goodman to name but a few. Let us know your needs and requirements today..

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Heat Load Calculation?
When we need a cooling and heating load calculation they are normally made to size HVAC systems and their components. In principle, the loads are calculated to maintain the indoor design conditions. The first step in any load calculation is to establish the design criteria for the project that involves careful consideration of the building concept, construction materials, the occupancy patterns, density, office equipment, lighting levels, comfort ranges, ventilation and space specific needs.
What is a Refrigerant Ton?
Domestic and Commercial HVAC units and Refrigerators in the US are mostly rated in the term of tons of refrigeration. For instance, one ton of refrigeration capacity can freeze one short ton of water at 0°C (32°F) in 24 hours. Units are sized according to Tons..
Why is R22 so expensive?
R22 is the code name assigned by the industry to a certain mix of liquids and gases that make a refrigerant.  Government mandate has ordered all production of R22 stopped by 2020. The mandate reduces the amount permitted each year until 2020. The reason for stopping production is that R22 when released into the atmosphere depletes the ozone layer. Recycled R22 is permitted by the mandate and will be available indefinitely. How much is available depends on how much R22 is turned in by contractors. In consequence the Government underestimated how much Recycled R22 would be available when it set the annual limits for production of virgin R22. The result was a shortage of R22 and soaring prices. this is another reason we recommend upgrading to 410A.
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